Expo Ground Inauguration (Tṛtīyam Viśva-Veda-Vijñāna-Sammelanam)
    Expo Inauguration,Vedic and Modern Scholars Meet,VC Conclave
    Deccan Collage Pune  January 10,2018
    Activity Details:   It includes photos of some select exhibits as well as the dignitaries who adorned the inauguration function of VVVS-Expo 2018, to name a few Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Prof. V.S. Shinde, Shri. Jayant Sahasrabuddhe, Swami Atmapriyananda, Prof. Prasad Joshi, Adv. Santhosh Kumar, Prof. Ravindra Muley, Shri. Vishal Chordia. The unique Granthadindi and chanting of Vedic Mantra-s were the attractions of the said event.