Concurrent Sessions (Tṛtīyam Viśva-Veda-Vijñāna-Sammelanam)
    Conference Inauguration
    Pune  January 12,2018
    Activity Details:   The day three observed invited sessions in respective sessions as well as paper reading by the delegates covering the several angles of the Ancient Indian Science. The respective sessions were conducted to name a few: Architecture, Iconography, Management, Yoga-Brain-Mind & Consciousness, Linguistics, Mathematics, Kalā&Vijñāna, Physical Science-Quantum Physics-Veānta etc. Eminent scholars like Prof. PrakashSinha, Ar. ShashikalaAnanth, Ar. ShirishBeri, Dr. Anil Rajavamshi, Prof. G.N. Jha, Prof. Prasad Joshi, Dr. S.L. Choudhari, SonalMansingh enlightened the learned listeners.